• 2005- Organization formed and applied for and received non profit status; chapel building plans undertaken
  • 2006- First annual summer construction trip, built latrine
  • 2007- Laid foundation for perimeter wall; first annual medical trip
  • 2008- First Vacation Bible School trip in July; first well dug; finished wall during August Harvest Mission Trip
  • 2009- Began work on main building
  • 2010- Earthquake, two medical trips this year, started school;
  • 2011- Added second grade to school, wall came down, put fence up; roof and renovations to church completed
  • 2012- Added third grade, painted school, constructed roof on main building; began basic physical exams for all students during annual medical clinic
  • 2013- Added fourth grade; well repairs related to rock damage;
  • 2014- Added fifth grade; kindergarten graduation
  • 2015- Added sixth grade; built a playground for the children, had our first soccer tournament
  • 2016- Kitchen improvements completed; began construction on the second floor of the main building; food distribution for Hurricane Matthew victims
  • 2017- Built cistern for water storage, replaced water pump; summer construction trip held week-long Vacation Bible School; Christmas party for students/families
  • 2018- 8 member Medical Team treated over 450 people; Christmas party expanded to include special chicken meal and gifts for every student;
  • 2019- 8 member Medical Team treated over 535 people; food distribution to local families in LaMothe
  • 2020- 15 member Medical Team treated over 730 people; food distribution to 700 families; roof to 2nd floor completed with enclosed 3rd floor staircase; cupola raised to outdoor balcony, railings installed to 2nd floor staircase; garden irrigation system installed.
  • 2021- 7.2 magnitude earthquake on southern shore; relief funds to quake victims; ongoing shipments of supplies, clothing, shoes, hygiene products to meet needs of students and surrounding community in lieu of medical trip this year
  • 2022- school enrollment reaches new high of 244 students in 9 classrooms;